19 April – 18 June 2011

What do the objects you own mean to you?

Over an eight week period, Oriel Myrddin Gallery invites four artists; Carwyn Evans, Peter Finnemore,

Becky Adams and Jools Johnson to occupy the gallery space with special objects that evoke intruiging stories.

Using objects both personal and particular and a spirit of experiment and happen-stance, each of this artist-led series will develop differently. Visitors and community groups will engage with each of the stages in order to explore the stories, history, memory and associations of objects.


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Jools Johnson - Aurora

Jools Johnson

Jools Johnson uses the component parts of old computers to construct fictitious or ‘impossible’ city-scapes as he calls them. Using the guts of defunct technology, Johnson creates miniature urban landscapes; the material parts that would once have been integral to the commercial activity of such places, are re-invented as absurd functionless mini-urban worlds.

In Project Object: Aurora Johnson uses the box structure of the old-fashioned Overhead Projector to contain everyday twinkly Christmas lights. These project their changing light patterns over the cities, creating subtle shadows on the walls. Johnson references the natural phenomena known as the Aurora Borealis* (or Northern Lights). The colours look artificial and unbelievable, but they are in fact very true to those found in the Aurora Borealis.
Johnson’s work is predominantly concerned with unsettling atmospheres and ethereal backdrops that articulate fundamental questions about our perception of our own existence.

*The Aurora Borealis is a natural light display, visible at night, predominantly in polar regions, caused by the collision of charged particles directed by the Earth’s magnetic field.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Richmond Park School

We had a visit from Richmond Park School last Friday, the children used overhead projectors to tell stories with objects - the results are stunning!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


We were delighted with the objects that were contributed to Project Object: Collect. It was amazing to see what people loaned us and to read the accompanying stories, we have archived images of the objects and the stories on our Flickr site here.

Mystery object revealed...

Thanks to those who had a guess at our mystery object brought into the gallery for Project Object: Collect by Rolande Thomas – Arts Council of Wales Arts Development Offier. It belonged to his Great Aunt in Swansea and we have now been told it is a teapot drip catcher - an essential item to save your posh table cloth from becoming tea stained!

The object was also shown in the Carmarthen Journal newspaper and we did hear from a lady called Eva from Llandielo who guessed correctly because her mum used to use a similar object.
Project Object: Collect has now closed, but we had the most wonderful contributions from our visitors, many of which were really quite moving and poigniant - thanks again to all who contributed.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Bye Bye Becky Adams - Bonjour Jools Johnson

It has been fantastic to have Becky Adams with us for the last few weeks, it's now the turn of Wrexham born Jools Johnson to occupy the gallery with Project Object: Aurora...

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Ysgol Crosshands School

We had a school group in to work with Becky Adams yesterday, Ysgol Crosshands School - Year 6. Everyone brought in a special object and Becky bought in one of her artists books to share with the class - she looked like a magician unfolding all the hidden pages!

The children all had a fantastic day and produced the most amazing little keepsake boxes with a special book inside.

Mystery Object...

We've had a few interesting suggestions for what our mystery object might be...

Mousetrap, Crochet/knitting tool, Kettle descaler, instrument of torture for naughty nephews, cat scarer/bird scarer, plate holder, hair ornament...and cheese warmer (thank you Peter...!?).

Any more ideas?

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Rolande Thomas – Arts Council of Wales Arts Development Officer based in Carmarthen brought this rather intriguing little object to contribute to our exhibition Project Object: Collect today.

He won’t tell us what it is except that it belonged to his Great Aunt in Swansea and may be Edwardian or somewhere up to the 1930’s.

SO…we’d like you to tell us what YOU think it might be! He’ll let the cat out of the bag after Saturday 4 June and he promises to let us have a picture of it in use…let us know or pop into the gallery for a closer look and leave your thoughts...

We’re curious to hear your suggestions!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Miniature Books - A Workshop with Becky Adams

Becky Adams ran a lovely workshop with us on Saturday in conjunction with her Project Object exhibition Memento. Becky asked people to bring a special object with them as inspiration for the project and everyone made tiny books which fitted inside a matchbox. Thanks to everyone who came along - a good day was had by all!

Tangled Parrot's Welsh Mix

Here is a link from Tangled Parrot's Matt and Iwan of the mix of Welsh music they played at Peter Finnemore's Groove Disco on 13th May. Thanks again for their enthusiastic participation - bendigedig!